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Photos: Fort Worth Zoo

A Must-See for Texas Animal Lovers

Hey family! We’ve got some roaring good news to share straight from the Fort Worth Zoo. 🦁

Guess what? The zoo family has a new, adorable member – a male lion cub, the first to be born there since 2015! This little guy entered the world on October 20, 2023, at 5:37 p.m., making proud parents out of Saba and Jabulani. They’ve named him Moja, which means “one” in Swahili – quite fitting for Saba’s first cub!

Moja’s been a bit of a behind-the-scenes star, spending the past few months bonding with Mom and getting all the care he needs from the devoted keepers. It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown. From a tiny 2.7 pounds at just four days old, he now weighs a whopping 16 pounds! He’s already showing off his lion skills, playfully nibbling at mom and exploring his den.

Saba is rocking her role as a first-time mom, ensuring Moja gets all the love, play, and care a little lion needs. And while Moja hasn’t yet met his dad Jabulani or Abagabe, the other adult female, those family introductions are on the horizon.

Video: Fort Worth Zoo

Here’s a cool fact: The Fort Worth Zoo is part of a vital breeding program that’s all about keeping the lion population thriving and genetically diverse. Moja’s birth is a big win for conservation, especially since African lions are considered a vulnerable species.

Now, you must be wondering when you can see this bundle of fur. Well, Moja’s still prepping for his big debut in the zoo’s Predators of Asia & Africa habitat. The zoo team is making sure he’s ready to handle the new environment, including those tricky water features. Keep your eyes peeled on the Zoo’s social media and website for updates, photos, and the much-anticipated announcement of his public debut.

Can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Moja? Plan your visit to the Fort Worth Zoo and experience the wonder yourself. For all things related to Texas zoos and aquariums, remember to stay tuned to Let’s support our local zoos and meet our new furry friend, Moja! 🐾

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