Historic Achievement in Pupfish Conservation at San Antonio Zoo

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In a remarkable development, the San Antonio Zoo has made history in the world of wildlife conservation. The zoo’s dedicated aquarium team has successfully bred the threatened Conchos pupfish (Cyprinodon eximus) in human care for the first time ever. This accomplishment is not just a victory for the zoo but signifies a monumental leap in the ongoing efforts to conserve endangered and threatened species in Texas and beyond.

The Conchos pupfish, recognized as a threatened species by Texas, Mexico, and the American Fisheries Society, is facing the brunt of habitat destruction, drought, and increased water usage. The fish’s limited habitat has heightened the urgency of conservation efforts.

In a commendable initiative, the San Antonio Zoo, in partnership with biologists from the Inland Fisheries Department at Texas Parks and Wildlife, embarked on a mission to safeguard the future of the Conchos pupfish. They selected 100 of these rare fish from the Devils River in West Texas, aiming to breed them in captivity and eventually reintroduce the offspring into improved habitats in the Devils River and Rio Grande tributaries.

Tim Morrow, the president and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, expressed immense pride in the aquarium team’s groundbreaking achievement. The zoo’s mission, deeply rooted in preserving wildlife and wild places, is vividly embodied in this historic accomplishment, underscoring their unwavering commitment to the survival of species, regardless of their size.

This milestone in the conservation of the Conchos pupfish underscores the pivotal role that collaboration, expertise, and innovative conservation techniques play in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. It sets a precedent for other institutions and organizations, illuminating the path forward in the global endeavor to protect and preserve our precious wildlife.

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Images courtesy of San Antonio Zoo